9. AFNET / EHRA Konsensuskonferenz

Longer and better lives for patients with atrial fibrillation

11. - 13. September 2023, Münster (Westf.), Deutschland


Wissenschaftliche Leitung

Prof Paulus Kirchhof (AFNET)
Prof. Helmut Pürerfellner (EHRA)
Prof. Andreas Götte (AFNET)
Prof. Isabell van Gelder (EHRA)






Screening to initiate anticoagulation

Chair: Paulus Kirchhof (Hamburg, DE), Helmut Pürerfellner (Linz, AT)

  • New anticoagulants I Valeria Caso (Perugia, IT)
  • AF patterns revisited I Michiel Rienstra (Groningen, NL)
  • Impact of recent screening and AHRE trials (LOOP, NOAH)? I Søren Zöga Diederichsen (Copenhagen, DK)
  • Anticoagulation with Edoxaban in patients with Atrial High-Rate Episodes I Tobias Tönnis (Hamburg, DE)
  • Effect of arrhythmia burden on cardiovascular events I Jason Andrade (Vancouver, CAN)
  • AF surgery and the role of the AF Heart team in 2023 I Nicolas Doll (Stuttgart, DE)


Better rhythm management Better rhythm control: Attaining sinus rhythm to improve outcomes

Chair: Isabelle van Gelder (Groningen, NL), Andreas Götte (Paderborn, DE)

  • Cognitive dysfunction: Comorbidity, outcome, or both? I Karl Georg Häusler (Würzburg, DE)
  • PITX2 and AF I Leif Hove-Madsen (Barcelona, ES)
  • Attaining sinus rhythm mediates the effects of early rhythm control I Lars Eckardt (Münster, DE)
  • Different ways of rhythm control lead to outcome reduction: EAST and beyond I A Ng (Leicester, UK)
  • Linear lesions – past or future? I Reza Wakili (Essen, DE)
  • When is the right time to switch from rhythm control to ablate and pace? I Kevin Vernooy (Maastricht, NL)


Comorbidities, atrial cardiomyopathy, and integrated AF care

Chair:  Jose Merino (Madrid, Spain), Stylianos Tzeis (Athens, Greece)

  • Role of NOAC therapy in patients with AF on hemodialysis I Andreas Goette (Paderborn, DE)
  • CATLE Htx I Christian Sohns (Bad Oeynhausen, DE)
  • Born with atrial fibrillation? Strong and weak genetic effects driving AF I Stefan Kääb (Munich, DE)
  • Move to keep the rhythm: Exercise, weight loss, and improved rhythm control I Prash Sanders (Adelaide, AUS)


New technologies and treatments

Chair: Andreas Goette (Paderborn, DE), Tom de Potter (Aalst, BE)

  • How does exclusion of the atrial appendage modify stroke risk? I Jeff Healey (Hamilton, CA)
  • Role of leadless pacers and conduction system pacing in patients with AF I Wolfgang Dichtl (Innsbruck, AT)
  • RF, cryo, pulsed field ablation – what is the future of PVI? I Andreas Metzner (Hamburg, DE)
  • Circulating biomolecules for risk prediction and therapy selection I Ziad Hijazi (Uppsala, Sweden)



  • Machine learning and AI for early detection of stroke and AF - the MAESTRIA project
  • Better rhythm management to improve outcomes
  • Improved risk prediction for stroke prevention: AF burden, cardiomyopathy, biomolecules
  • Pacing in AF
  • Modern AF drug therapy: heart failure, new antiarrhythmic drugs, genetics, new mechanisms
  • Comorbidity management to prevent AF



Die Veranstaltung wird von AFNET und EHRA gemeinsam finanziert und erhält zusätzliche finanzielle Unterstützung durch MAESTRIA, das im Rahmen des Forschungs- und Innovationsprogramms Horizon 2020 der Europäischen Union (EU) gefördert wird (Förderungsnummer 965286).