Dr. med. Ines Gröner


Telefon: 0251 - 980 1330


Dr. Ines Gröner is the Managing Director of AFNET since October 2022.

After her graduation in medicine at Hamburg University, Germany, she gained clinical experience in hospitals in Germany and Denmark. She finished her PhD at the Institute of Hormone and Fertility Research at the University of Hamburg before switching to a consulting company where she worked as Senior Manager in the field of health care consulting in DACH. She moved to the in-vitro-diagnostics industry and covered a leading marketing position as Senior Vice President for EMEA. She also collected experience in leading positions in the public health care sector in Northern Germany.








Dr. rer. medic. Antje Albring


Telefon: 0251 - 980 1344



Antje Albring graduated in Biology at the University of Bochum, Germany. After completing her PhD in Psychoneuroimmunology at the University Hospital Essen, she gained experience in the field of regulatory affairs and worked several years as research manager at the University Hospital Münster and the University of Applied Science for Health in Bochum. Antje joined AFNET in 2022 to work as a Project Manager, mainly responsible for the EAST high trial. 






Dr. rer. physiol. Vincent Beuger


Telefon: 0251 - 980 1333



Vincent Beuger graduated in Humanbiology at the University of Marburg, Germany. After completing his PhD at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Tumor Research (IMT) in Marburg, he switched to the pharmaceutical industry and gained experience in the field of therapeutic antibodies, RNAi technology, and mouse genetics as research scientist and laboratory manager.

From 2013 to 2021 he provided services in clinical research as a Clinical Research Associate and Quality Manager for various pharmaceutical companies and CROs in Germany and Benelux.

In 2021 he transferred to the position of Project Manager and Quality Manager at AFNET.

To date he is mainly responsible for the NOAH-AFNET 6 and CABA-HFpEF-DZHK27 projects.






Dr. rer. physiol. Sabine Jürgensmeyer


Telefon: 0251 - 980 1346



Sabine Jürgensmeyer graduated in Humanbiology at the University of Marburg, Germany. After completing her PhD at the University Hospital of Muenster, she switched to the pharmacological industry and gained experience in the field of clinical research as a sponsor-dedicated Clinical Research Associate.

In 2004 she transferred to the position of Project Manager at AFNET and has been conducting various IITs (Flec-SL, ANTIPAF, BACE-Pace, EAST-AFNET 4) or clinical registry (AB-1). To date she is mainly responsible for the AXADIA-AFNET 8, Smart in OAC – AFNET 9 and Emerge Cryo at the AFNET.



Dr. rer. physiol. Sabine Jürgensmeyer



M.Sc. Annett Müller


Telefon: 0251 - 980 1347



Annett Müller graduated in nutritional science from Giessen University, Germany.

Since 2009 she gained experience in conducting and managing clinical trials in different positions (study nurse, clinical research associate and project manager) at the Center for Clinical Trials in Muenster, Germany.

In 2016, Annett Müller joined AFNET as project manager for clinical trials (CLOSURE-AF-DZHK16 and OCEAN). In addition, she took over the position of the quality manager.



Annett Müller




Dipl.-Kfm. Arndt Sachs


Telefon: 0251 - 980 1342



Arndt Sachs did an apprenticeship as a banker and graduated in economics from Münster University, Germany.

He gained experience in controlling, accounting, banking and asset allocation at Deutsche Bank, SEB Invest, ADLER, SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit and AC Biogas. 

Arndt Sachs joined AFNET as financial controller in 2014. 









Magdalene Jambor


Telefon: 0251 - 980 1330



Magdalene Jambor passed her apprenticeship as an office manager in 2013 and in 2015 she added a degree in business management to it.

Since 2013 she gained experience in different positions such as frontdesk, school secretary and personal assistance.

In 2020, Magdalene Jambor joined AFNET as secretary. In addition, Magdalene is responsible for event management and study archiving.




Magdalene Jambor




Simone Mähner


Telefon: 0251 - 980 1331



Simone Mähner passed her apprenticeship as a bilingual secretary in 2001 and came to clinical research as a career changer in 2005. Since then, she gained experience as a Project Assistant in several clinical trials, among others in the fields of ophthalmology, dermatology, stem cell therapy and ATMPs.

Simone Mähner joined AFNET in February 2019 as Project Assistance supporting various studies. In addition, Simone is responsible for study archiving (deputy).