Information for study participants

AFNET aims at improving the treatment of atrial fibrillation. For this purpose the network conducts clinical trials to assess improved treatment options. In these trials the participation of patients is necessary.

If you are suffering from end stage kidney disease (CKD 5) and atrial fibrillation, you may be eligible for participation in the AXADIA trial. Participation is possible via your physician in the hospital or private practice.

The participation holds many benefits:

  • You directly benefit from the latest scientific findings.
  • You are provided the highest level of care by recognized specialists.
  • You could help to improve atrial fibrillation treatment and receive close monitoring.
  • You provide a valuable contribution to investigating atrial fibrillation.


If you are interested in participating in the AXADIA trial, please contact the AFNET network office

Phone: +49 251 980 1330