Mission statement

AFNET – an academic research organisation committed to improving the lives of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The mission of AFNET is to improve the lives of patients with cardiovascular diseases by generating knowledge on their mechanisms and evidence on effective and safe treatments.

Evidence from clinical and translational research has markedly improved the lives of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Yet, cardiovascular disease remains a major driver of premature death and morbidity. The aim of AFNET is to generate knowledge and novel evidence to sustain the improvement of cardiovascular care.

To achieve this, AFNET provides a platform to plan and execute non-commercial, typically low risk, investigator initiated controlled clinical trials, registries, and translational research projects that will inform better care of patients with heart disease. AFNET cooperates with credible and reliable partners to conduct its projects and obtains funding for its projects through public and/or private partnerships. AFNET has long expertise in the management of atrial fibrillation, but also provides support for work in other fields informing cardiovascular care.